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Cascades Branch
Unit 14, 3 on Crescent, Cascades Crescent, Cascades
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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We are a group of salons that pride ourselves on delivering an unforgettable experience to each and every one of our clients every time they visit us.

To us it’s not just about the haircut. . . which you will love, it’s about the whole experience that you will receive from your coffee to your relaxing massage at the basin we want you to feel truly pampered and spoilt. We believe that you are worth it!

We deliver a consistent experience every time, from the unique consultation to your specialized treatment program. You will know that you are in good hands. We will work with you to achieve the results that you deserve. The end product will leave you looking and feeling great !

Come and visit us and be blown away by how you will be spoilt.


Hair Services:

  • At Craik Speirs Hair and Beauty because we care about you and your hair we do a unique in depth 7 step consultation on you every time you visit us.
  • This unique program has been designed to give us an in-depth look at what lifestyle, environmental, mechanical or chemical factors are effecting the condition of your hair and scalp at that particular time.
  • This consultation method enables us to accurately put together a comprehensive effective treatment program custom made to your personal needs. We understand that it has to fit into your lifestyle.
  • This will greatly improve the condition of your hair and scalp, replacing lost protein and moisture which with strengthen and soften your hair.
  • Every client will experience our legendary head and shoulder massages at our basin beds, our relaxing private basin areas with lie down basin beds will ensure that you have a relaxing experience that will help to distress you.

Beauty Services:

  • At Craik Speirs Hair and Beauty we offer a wide range of beauty treatments designed to pamper and give you amazing results.
  • We stock professional skin care products from the Lamelle range. 
  • Lamelle produces spectacular results for acne and aging skins due to their vast range of fantastic skin peels.
  • Our Beauty Therapists are constantly training and keeping up to date with the ever changing skin care world, you can be sure of getting the best skin care advice.

Hair And Beauty:

  • Craik Speirs Hair and Beauty understands that you live very busy lives and time is very precious. We believe that you can do a lot in the time that you spend with us in your visit.
  • Not only will we be educating you on the health of your Hair and Skin. You can also have the option to have some beauty treatments done while you visit us for your hair. Making sure that you look your absolute best when you leave without wasting your precious time.
  • Manicures and pedicures, nail paints, gel overlays the list is endless. Looking good that's what we are all about.

Colour Treatments:

  • Craik Speirs Hair and Beauty believes that the condition of your hair is everything. If your condition of your hair is compromised then your colour won't look amazing and cuts just won't have the same look as they should.
  • We believe that with our 7 step consultation plan we will be able to design a hair treatment program that will ensure that your hair truly does make you look and feel good.
  • Our Team of Professional stylists will design a hair colour and cut that will ensure that minimal damage will occur on the hair.
  • We will work with our consultation method to design the best hair colour and cut for your skin tone and height.
  • We will always ensure that the hair is treated with the correct amount of protein and moisture to ensure that your hair remains in tip top condition while you are in the care of Craik Speirs Hair and Beauty salons.

We want you to look and feel good!


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05 Apr 17


Craik Speirs News
10 February 2017

Craik Speirs News

by Craik Speirs
Craik Speirs hair and Beauty salons has started off with a bang this year. Our beauty department has grown.